About Me

Everything started when I was in mid school and had a chance to attend one of the first computer labs, I was so amazed about that noisy beige box that I beg to my Dad to buy me one, six months later he finally accepted and changed my life forever. At that time I discovered what was the purpose of my life:

Improve peoples lives through technology.

Since then I tried to live every day that purpose.

Studied a Bachelor Degree in Computer Systems Engineering at Mexican Technology University. The first 8 years of my career I worked on web technologies like ASP and Java EE (I’m a Certified Java Programmer) where went from programmer, developer, technical leader, Software Architect and team leader, I have the ability to understand, speak and translate stake holders language into technical language for engineers, most of my JEE experience is in Government sector, enjoyed making software to simplify citizen’s life either creating an analytics portal to prevent weather disasters or a business portal to simplify and speedup paper work to open business

I have corporate and startup working experience.

After all this years I have learned one or two interesting things, I had this idea for so long that I decided it was time to share what I have learned, not for nothing I worked for the biggest Global Delivery Center for a single client in LATAM (650 engineers alone), companies like General Electric Aviation Engines, Genworth Financial and several startups.

Hope you learn something.